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Nancy approaches her subject with a fun passion that becomes contagious! She also has the wonderful ability to enhance what she is teaching with regards to the age and stage of the children. They had such fun, talked about it all week long, and couldn’t wait to to tell their parents about the very special activity at school. We noticed a complete change in the children’s lunch demeanor…..WOW!! The teachers also benefitted…….we all learned something new!!

Sincerely and with much Aloha,

Jan Achay 

Creative Day Preschool  

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

While I was Miss Greater Long Beach, Nancy asked me to give a guest presentation at her etiquette class for young girls. 
I was so thrilled for the opportunity to speak to the girls about my experience at the pageant, and how ultimately grace and poise won me the crown. As her daughter’s childhood friend, I learned many of these skills just by watching Nancy and experiencing how she treats and welcomes others. I recommend Nancy as an etiquette coach for all ages as she demonstrates how manners can help you in all stages in life, and open doors for opportunities unseen. 

With gratitude, 
Lauren C.

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