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Secondary Class 



Etiquette is part of character training, part of raising well-balanced, compassionate  individuals. The results can last a lifetime: thoughtful adults, who competently navigate life’s challenges. The habits of care and respect for others instilled by good etiquette help young adult's focus outwards rather then inward. Mrs. Nancy Hoogenboom helps students lay the foundation for strong social skills they will use throughout their adult lives. Secondary school instruction includes: 


     •     Introductions and Greeting Others:  Introductions, 

           Shaking Hands / When to Stand

     •     Appearance: Looking Your Best, Why Appearance Matters, Rules to Dress By

     •     Job and College Interviews:  Making a Good Impression, Business Interviews,

           Interview Questions

     •     Marketing Yourself:  Keys to a Positive Elevator Speech

     •     Correspondence:  Thank-you Note Format, Thank-you Note Rules

     •     Savvy Communication:  Phone Courtesy, Text Messaging Rules, Netiquette

     •     Respect and Courtesy: How to Treat Others Well as a Matter of Habit

     •     Getting Acquainted with Dining: Four-Course Meal Individual Place Setting,

            Table Manners, American and Continental Dining, Five Uses of the Napkin




Daily Etiquette develops and personalizes each seminar to meet the needs of their clients.

The time requirements depend on each presentation.



For more information or to schedule a class for your school or group, kindly email








Smart Phone Etiquette & Protocol

You will be respected and confidant Knowing the correct phone etiquette




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