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  Elementary Classes



The well-behaved and respectful child stands out from others.  Even more important than that, a child who learns to be respectful of others at a very young age will have that quality as a foundation for the rest of their lives.  Etiquette training at the primary level means to teach outward behaviors that will shape a child's inward character.  In her classes for elementary school children, Mrs. Nancy Hoogenboom teaches children how to show respect and care for others through their outward behavior.  She teaches parents how to continue those lessons at home. Her classes for elementary children include: 


  •    Greeting others:  Introductions, First Impressions, Shaking Hands

  •    Impressions: Speaking,  Appearance, Good and Bad Impressions

  •    Appreciation: Considerations, Appreciating, Thank you notes, Envelopes

  •    Communicating:  Listening, Conversation Skills, Respect for Yourself and Others

  •    Smart Phones / Social Media

  •    Dining:  Approaching the Table, Napkin Etiquette, Rules of the Table, The Place Setting,        





Daily Etiquette develops and personalizes each seminar to meet the needs of their clients.

The time requirements depend on each presentation.



For more information or to schedule a class for your school or group, kindly email





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