Nancy Avalos
Orange County, California

Nancy Avalos is the founder and CEO of Le Petite Princesse Spa & Tea Parlour located in Orange County, California.  Le Petite Princesse provides royal celebrations from individual princess transformations and heroic knights to private events in a fairytale kingdom. Nancy is an etiquette instructor and host etiquette courses in a fun interactive whimsical setting.  Etiquette courses are held in Le Petite Princesse venue. Nancy also travels to all surrounding areas in Southern California for private etiquette courses.

Le Petite Princesse


Lincoln Ave, Orange CA 92865



Alisyn Blosser
Kona, Hawaii

Alisyn Blosser has been collaborating with Daily Etiquette, Southern California School of Etiquette and Protocol, since 2015. In January 2017 Alisyn Blosser founded Thrive with Etiquette in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. She is seeking to equip the next generation with the tools and confidence to thrive in their lives in the Islands of Hawaii and beyond. 


Alisyn grew up with simple manners and dining etiquette incorporated into her daily life. As a young girl, she attended etiquette school where she soaked it all up. Alisyn attended High Teas with her English Grandmother where she put into practice the things she had learned at her etiquette courses and began to appreciate the simplicity and strength of etiquette. She used these skills throughout high school and into her college years. Halfway through college Alisyn pursued her dreams of traveling the world and serving countries abroad, all the while remembering the simple etiquette skills that proved valuable no matter what country or situation she was in.


Alisyn found herself making a home in Hawaii with her husband Bart after their wedding in 2009. They enjoy surfing at the beach, hiking in the mountains, and being outside gardening. Alisyn also began to finish her degree to teach children and graduated from the University of Hawaii. She has been teaching at a Preschool in Kona, Hawaii with her Early Childhood Degree for four years now. Alisyn enjoys incorporating her love for simple etiquette into her passion to see young children grow and thrive. After working alongside Daily Etiquette  Alisyn completed her training to be a Certified Etiquette Trainer and founded Thrive with Etiquette in 2017. At Thrive with Etiquette it is our vision to see children and young adults thrive in life with the simple tools of daily etiquette.