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Powerful Simple Movement, Please

From as young as I can remember my mother taught us the simple yet powerful word please. Please, a polite way of asking, a word that considers both the speaker and receiver, a word that's not demanding but relational. Please, may I have a drink of water? Please, may I help you with loading your groceries? Please, may I buy this coffee for you today? Please.

Working with my little kiddos at preschool has been a powerful reminder of how the word please can be, and how the importance of saying please is sometimes diminished. We live in an instant world these days, and so often I hear "I want" instead of "please, may I have". It's the same question, but worded oh so different. The importance of please can be introduced to a child as young as they start speaking or using sign language. Children's minds are like sponges, soaking up everything around them; so if we can remember to use the word please when talking with children and around children, please will already be implanted in their daily language. It's never too early or too late to start using please among our children, friends, family, and colleagues.

Please join us in the powerful yet simple movement of using please intentionally throughout our days, especially around the minds of the future, our children.

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