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Colorful Salads Are Healthy & Fun

When food looks pretty it tastes better; I fully believe this. The more colors in my salad the healthier it seems to be, and the more flavors I get to have in one delicious bowl. The tropical dragon-fruit (given to me by a neighbor) is a great addition to snack on before meals.

The rectangle glass candle holder is a perfect home for a colorful salad. These watermelon radishes bring fun color and flavor to a eclectic salad. Frieda's Specialty Produce (inspire-taste-love) is a California based company who has incredible fun and tasty produce. A few years ago I started buying carrots at Trader Joe's that are orange, yellow and purple; these thrown into salad (or soup) bring more flavors and of course, more color!

The mini bell peppers (you can buy these from almost any grocery store), they are tasty and always a good go-to item for salad, to dip in hummus, or to add to my eggs in the morning. While it's good for our bodies to eat vegetables, I like to think it's good for my soul too because I enjoy trying out all the varieties of colorful plants to add into any and all of my meals! Happy tasting new veggies & fruit.

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